Travel Jewelry: Why It’s Better to Take Designer Inspired Pieces On Your Getaways

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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it’s tempting to want to bring along your favorite jewelry.

However, you may want to think twice about taking valuable and sentimental jewelry with you on trips. Even the most careful and seasoned traveler is not immune to getting robbed while traveling.

And while there’s currently no stats on the number of travelers that get stolen from, jewelry is certainly an attractive possession to pickpockets and thieves. Not to mention it’s quite easy for a ring to slide off your finger or an earring to fall off your ear, never to be seen again.

So what’s the solution? Travel jewelry is the perfect alternative. Here’s why you should leave your more precious bling at home and travel with some safer substitutes instead.

It Protects Your Investment

There’s so much that can happen to our jewelry when we take it on a trip. It can get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Most of the time, standard or designer jewelry can be replaced, even though it costs money to replace it. But what if the missing jewelry is a family heirloom or has sentimental value? It’s pretty much impossible to find a replica of certain vintage pieces, especially if it’s one that’s been passed on through generations.

Purchasing travel jewelry is a lower risk, lower cost way to accessorize your outfits while on a trip. When you leave your more expensive jewelry at home you gain peace of mind knowing it’s safe. If you do lose a travel jewelry item, it can be easily replaced for an affordable price.

It’s Fashionable and Affordable

Just because travel jewelry is more affordable than its authentic counterparts doesn’t mean it’s low quality or has to look bland. Travel jewelry is designed to look like the real deal and it’s just as fashionable as designer pieces.

Travel jewelry may contain pave set crystals that sparkle like real diamonds, smooth “pearls” that look like the real deal, and transparent cubic zirconia that doubles as precious gemstones. And travel jewelry comes in different metal tones that look like gold or sterling silver.

There isn’t any style or gemstone today that can’t be replicated with travel jewelry. It’s a great way to feel like you’re wearing more expensive accessories on a vacation but without the worry that you may lose a big investment.

It’s More Convenient

Take precious jewelry on a trip, and you’ll be worrying about how to keep it safe while you’re out of the hotel on daytime excursions.

You may have to store it in your room’s safe or rent a safety deposit box from the hotel. This means when you want to access your jewelry, you need to go to where it’s located and place it back into storage until you depart.

This isn’t the case with travel jewelry, which you can leave behind in your hotel room without worry (we still recommend keeping it in your locked luggage or another secure area just in case.) Should it get stolen, you can easily replace it.

But What If I Want to Take My Expensive Jewelry?

If you’ve considered travel jewelry but can’t bear to leave certain pieces at home, there are precautions you can take to make sure you arrive back home with all of your jewelry.

The following tips can help minimize any loss or damage to your jewelry:

Pack it Properly

This tip can apply to your travel jewelry as well. You want to pack pieces so that they won’t get scratched or sustain other damage while traveling.

Place them in a soft bag or jewelry travel case. Use a drinking straw to prevent delicate chains from getting tangled in transit. A pillbox is useful for storing earrings, rings, and other small pieces.

You may want to pack jewelry in your carry-on bag so it stays within close reach of you at all times. Checked luggage is at greater risk of getting rerouted or lost.

Don’t Wear it For Certain Activities

Going hiking or zip lining on your trip? Then you may want to leave all jewelry safe in your hotel room before embarking on your adventure. Certain activities can cause jewelry to slip away and be lost forever and some activities may require that you not wear any jewelry at all.

Some jewelry is best reserved for other occasions such as fine dining or a party. If you’re traveling to a country where tourists are at risk of pickpockets, it’s best to forgo wearing any precious gems or metals.

Keep it Secure

Besides keeping your valuable jewelry secure in your carry-on bag while in transit, you’ll also want to make sure it’s locked away during your hotel stay. This may require using the hotel room’s combination safe or locking it in a safe deposit box for further privacy.

Whatever you do, don’t leave jewelry out on display in your hotel room. Keep it locked away and hidden any time you’re not wearing it.

Consider a Travel Wedding Band

Wedding bands and rings have great sentimental value but if yours is valuable, you may want to consider wearing a travel ring as its body double. This will still tell people you’re married, but you won’t risk losing yours or having it stolen.

Preparation and taking these steps to keep your jewelry safe will help minimize any loss or damage. If you really want to be ready to travel with precious jewelry, consider buying travel insurance to protect your valuables.

Travel Jewelry is a Great Alternative

Travel jewelry makes a great alternative to toting and worrying about your more expensive jewelry pieces while you’re away from home. With so many gorgeous styles to choose from, you’ll never be bored and you’ll always look stylish no matter where you go on vacation!

Are you ready to see for yourself how fabulous travel jewelry is? Start by shopping our matching sets so you’ll always look coordinated during your travels.

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