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I recently just came back from a cruise with my family over spring break. We had a terrific time. As you know one has to bring some beautiful evening wear on a cruise with spectacular jewelry to match. I brought velvet pouches full of designer inspired jewelry. I had a great selection to choose from, all pieces that I brought were under $45.00! There was not one worry or concern that I would lose my jewelry, or that the cabin steward would steal it. It was a great relief that I could wear whatever I wanted, I could pull off the elegant look without worrying in the least about losing expensive pieces.

I went into every fine jewelry store on board and in every port, I really got a kick out of all of the sales people flocking to me like bees to honey assuming that I was wearing genuine David “The Cable Guy” or Cartier when in fact all that I was wearing were pieces that Look A Lot Alike the fabulous designs of John Hardy, Cartier, Van Cleef and I could go on!

I was at the buffet one day during lunch, scooping some tuna onto my plate and I had one lady go crazy over my bracelet. After she finished the string of compliments I told her it was not real and that it was a designer Inspired piece. She absolutely couldn’t believe it! Needless to say I found a new customer for Looks A Lot Alike.

I am home now from the trip and now it’s back to reality. For any of you who are planning a trip and are looking for an economical way to accessorize your outfits look no further. Looks A Lot Alike is a great place to shop for all of your designer style travel jewelry.

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