Throw A Jewelry Party


It’s Never Been Easier to Host A Jewelry Party. 

We not only want you to throw a party and have fun selling Looks A Lot Alike’s collections of designer inspired jewelry, but we also want you to receive free gifts and earn money.  What can be more fun than that?

We also realize that the reward for your efforts should not end when the party ends.   We offer each host the ability to receive the same financial rewards and the ability to receive special gifts for 90 days after your party date.  That means anyone that attends your party can use your party discount code for 90 days after the party and save, while you get paid and receive free product.

But Wait!  When you inspire another host to throw a party, you receive yet another gift.

Looks A Lot Alike loves quality designer inspired jewelry, and we love a good party.  We want to make your jewelry party as rewarding as possible.  So let’s get started. Complete the form on this page to begin.

Looks Like A Party Form

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