Some Of The Best Electric Guitar Pedals

Do you have any idea of what the best electric guitars can do for your music? You need to get the best there is in order to make high quality music. However, it is not enough to get the best guitars around. You must also get the right accessories, especially guitar pedals. The choice of pedals can make or break your music, so choose with care.

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So, what are some of the best electric guitar pedals?

1. The Eventide TimeFactor Pedal

The Eventide TimeFactor pedal is one of those pedals that you need to consider adding to your best electric guitars collection. The pedal utilizes nine innovative delay algorithms through twin delay lines. The pedal is therefore able to produce delays that are vastly rhythmic and very diverse in terms of tone.

You will also be able to use this pedal to create syncopated twin delays when dialing. The knob layout allows this to happen easily. You will also be able to take advantage of a specialized Looper if you want to.

2. The TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal

The TC Flashback mini delay pedal is a great option if you are looking for a pedal that is compact and saves space. The delay pedal enables you to create analog style tones, which are great for music that has warmth. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of repeats via the high end roll off that comes with the pedal.

To make matters even better for you, the TC Flashback mini delay pedal enables you to utilize TonePrints. This library provides you with the opportunity to access customized sounds. You can use it to create different delay sounds. You can even use the editor that comes with TonePrints to create personalized sounds via different mobile devices. Once you download those sounds onto your pedal, you will be able to access theme whenever you feel like. Nothing like customized musical sounds to offer your audience!

3. Death by Audio Apocalypse

Death by Audio Apocalypse is another pedal option that you should consider acquiring for the best electric guitars in your collection. The fuzz pedal has spectacular fuzz overtones ranging from octave tones to crushing ones. You can also access overdrives, which are mild in nature if you prefer.

You will be able to access any fuzzy tone that you desire. All you have to do is use the Sweepable Frequency Equalizer or 5-point switch and dial what you want.

4. Walrus Audio Janus

Have you heard about the Walrus Audio Janus? The pedal is well conceptualized, and executed in terms of design. You will be able to use this pedal to access tremolo and wonderful fuzz tones. Each effect can be controlled courtesy of the two joysticks that are inbuilt within the pedal. The joysticks can be controlled using your foot if you play while standing. Alternatively, you can just set the joysticks to the position that you desire, leave them alone, and play your music.

The Janus combination of fuzz tones and tremolo offers you the best of both worlds, musically speaking. You can use the pedal to create music either in the studio or in a real live concert. The sounds either way are great.

5. El Rey Effects Mystic Ouija Fuzz

The El Rey pedal is worth considering. The pedal offers you the chance to create a unique sound. You will have the benefit of fuzz tones, overdrive, and distortion to make that unique sound happen.

A clipping adjustment switch works in three ways. Your clipping options will include asymmetrical LED, symmetrical diode, and asymmetrical diode. Through the varying tone control, you will be able to adjust the pedal sounds to what you really want to achieve. Your options are many in this regard.

Bottom Line

The kinds of guitar pedals that are available in the market today are quite varied. Each of the above listed pedals offers you something unique that will help you achieve the musical sounds you really want. Selecting the pedals is a matter of preference. You should also consider the musical effects that you want to achieve. In addition, your budget may affect the choice of pedals. However, once you find the right pedals for your needs then you will make great music for years to come. Even the best electric guitars will sound much better with the perfect pedal.


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