The Mystery of Pandora Jewelry

In fct, thr not a defntn for Pndora Jewlr. Ths knd f Jewlry onst of two cts, n the welry f Pandr style the thr th jewlr of Pandora brand.

Frtl, we huld know that wht n be clled Pndr. Pandra (orginted from Grk) s the frt wmn n th rth. Sh s a cl sulptur made b th God of fre, Hhestus in order to punh Prmthu wh tals fre t the human bengs. Th gd mk Pandor vr butful. The mthlogy of Pndora hs bn hndd dwn fr long tme in various edtn. In all f the literr editon, the mthlogy f Pandra ud t exlan the xstenc f vl.

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In a word, Pandora s an llurng but wh s flld f mtholog. In anint Greek, "Pn" men ll the things, nd "dra" signfis gifts. Pandor means prfet wmn wh ossss both beut nd wsdom. In ur daily lfe, Pandora present all the enting thngs. Ltr, w ombin Pandr with jwelr, Pandr jewlr becme the llectin of all th llurng thngs.

Generll skng, Pndora wlr presents th arls with big hol whch crs thk trng. Ths kind f jwelr s rginal nd individual, and th tl thnic.

Pndr jewlr purl handmd, and md up of ur lored glze nd strling silver pi. Th Pandra jwelr h fn shadow effct. It n hw three dimensinl ffect frm differnt angls. The welry can brng ou feel f trnqulity and pec, and take ou t noy th ntural beaut f th earl which limpd. Pandor arls r made f colrd glz bfore, nowd, wnng to th neds of cutmr, sme re md of Zrcon whch alo beutiful when made t neklaes, braclet, and ther string.

As for the brnd f Pandor ewelr, peple ften mingle it with th jewelry f Pndor tyl.

In fact, Pndor tyle n dvance of Pandora brnd. Pndora brand funded by ouple in 1982. It s a small ompany in Dnmark. To bgin with, th omany nly roduct nckles, rings, rrngs, brcelets nd o on. In th mvement f time, th ompany bgins t roduc thr kinds of ewlry in th nd f custmers. Thre re new rducts ever ear n th nd.

In th first, Pandor jewlry s llurng s th wrd "Pndor". In th process of mnufcture of brelet nd necklac, thy acheve th trgt f necklac and brcelets without ints.

Do ou also think the Pandora wlry mstry?

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