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As you know, precious stones we're venerated in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.The Egyptians paid much attention to jewelry made of turquoise, emeralds and amethysts, and in Rome, preference was given to diamonds.In the Renaissance, came into fashion rubies, sapphires and topazes, and romanticism brought honor and other semiprecious stones.

In vogue rings with semiprecious stones.Topaz is one of the most respected in the world of semi-precious stones.In ancient times it was believed that topaz helps to reveal the secrets and exposed the plot, so this stone is often called the "stone of the court."In India, topaz symbolizes friendship while in Europe it most related to the happiness.In these countries, this gem hit long been known, but in Russia he was only in the XVIII century, and immediately gained huge popularity, for which he received poeticize name -- Siberian diamond.

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This beautiful stone with bright color has characteristics such as hardness and strength which is suitable to used in make it your ring diamond engagement rings.The color of topaz depends on it's structure, that is, on what position is occupied by atoms in the crystal lattice.Topaz can be a wine-yellow, pale pink, translucent blue. All the colors are beautiful in their own way, but especially appreciated by those stones, which are painted in several colors at once.

Since ancient times, with topaz ring is a luxurious decoration.It was believed that this stone is endowed women beautiful and men -- discernment.Topaz charms of it's internal play of light and intensifies the sense of beauty and makes it look brighter and more attractive person.This precious stone is never brings attention to itself, it only underscores it's owner, it's beauty and charm, making it more visible in society.Today the ring with topaz and are young girls and ladies in age.Ring with topaz may be an original gift and perfectly complement an evening outfit, giving it a lightness and elegance.

Despite the fact that the price for topaz enough available when compared to the price of other precious stones, the set of characteristics of topaz in no way inferior to their more expensive brethren.Thus, low price, combined with an extensive range of colors that make products with mineral topaz, including rings, very popular among fashion-conscious women around the world.

These wonderful decorations vary widely.Among them are as magnificent specimens, which are combined with other topaz stones, and quite thin rings concise, there are striking variations for cocktails.Topaz is harmoniously combined with silver, with it's noble sheen and it's complement are often not only semi-precious, and expensive jewels.Silver ring with topaz conveys nobility, aristocracy, and mischief and innocence of the owner.

Minerals at all times attracted people not only for it's beauty, but also some of the properties, often simply attributed to a particular stone.Until now, many people believe that the stones have some magic or other forces.Since topaz attributed miraculous healing properties, it is believed that he had a beneficial effect on the human body for sleep, completely cures asthma and lowers blood pressure.And most importantly -- topaz make it's possessor super rich.

From time immemorial, topaz has been used and continue to be used as amulets and talismans which believed could protect the wearer from misfortune or the temper character and develop existing talent and to give new abilities.A lot of people believe in it now.Talismans and amulets worn by topazes and worn on the hands, chest, just in the pockets, and then hung up in different places in your home -- in the places that need special protection magical powers.

They say that a ring with topaz gold in the world today can literally attract luck and financial prosperity, develop intuition and suggest the right solutions.Well, each time raising new beliefs.In any case, this decoration can well be used as an excellent Engagement Rings or gift for a business woman.A belief that the stone brings a blue male prudence and power, and gives women the beauty and fertility, is a good reason for that gold ring with blue topaz are often used as a wedding.

True or false representation of the magical properties of topaz -- it does not matter.But this stone just fine and will stay that way forever.


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