So Much to Tell, So Many Places to Marry

It seems like I can never quite get everything I want to talk about on a subject in one post. Thus is the whirlwind of multiple weddings.While I've announced the great, and . unusual venues that have been chosen by my brides, now I'm gonna chat with you about the road to choosing the reception and ceremony venues.

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So Maggie and Austin wanted some place they could get married outside, that could accommodate 300 people and felt like them. Karyn wanted some place that was trendy but no one knew it yet. (Her attitudes can be fairly esoteric, so let's just suffice it to say that she may be the ultimate demon/hipster in that sense. ) Maggie chose beautiful Skytop Resort and Karyn chose Styx Roman Catholic Church andHighland Park Golf Club Grand Ballroom. But what options in all did they consider, you say?

1. Camps

Yes, camps. In northeast Pennsylvania there are a plethora of camps for kids from the New York Metro area to flock to, and some of them are downright swanky. Maggie and Austin are pretty outdoorsy so they looked into a few. The camps can have good facilities for weddings with large air conditioned dining rooms, on site catering, beautiful natural ceremony sites, and plenty of parking. Some even feature nice overnight accommodations (not kids cabins). Plus they have an onsite coordinator. The down side is that many are not as refined as a resort or country club and the interior spaces can be a bit stark, or there can be a want of convenience. I was in one camp wedding where they had to shuttle the elderly to the ceremony site from the parking area, except the shuttle didn't work like clockwork. These are good options for couples who are more laid back and have the outdoors as a first priority. More on camp weddings.

2. Restaurants

Larger restaurants, independent from places of lodging often have beautiful banquet rooms. Since food is their specialty, it should be first rate, and you guests will dine in comfort. Many have the utilities in place to run a slide show of the happy couple and a staff that is used to high-pressure nights. Unfortunately, many don't offer the convenience of a ceremony site, few have any place for the bride and maids to don their gowns, and there's no where to stay over after you've tuckered yourself out dancing up a storm. These are a good choice for smaller weddings, simple weddings, or second weddings. For more on restaurant weddings check out this article from

3. The Backyard

For the couple that wants a homey feel, and more freedom with their celebratory hours, a backyard wedding may be just the thing. From a simple barbecue to a lavish affair with air conditioned tents and chandeliers, your only limitations are your budget and your property size. There are great rental companies out there like our friends at Rent-E-vent, who can guide you and supply you with anything you are likely to need from tables and tents to linens, dance floors, and generators. You can even find deluxe port-a-johns complete with sinks and lights to supplement your home for larger numbers. The cons of a home wedding involve the need to either hire all your vendors and rentals form different places, the need to have in cleaners, and the fact that your peaceful abode is now on display. Additionally, some homes are better situated for a large gathering, but some will find that the caterers need more than you kitchen can supply and you have to truck in portable cooking facilities, or that your yard is uneven and the dance floor has to have a temporary foundation to level it. Backyard weddings are good for informal or small affairs, or larger affairs where you're willing to take on more organizing and really appreciate celebrating your new life in your home. Check out this backyard wedding guide.

4. Country or Golf Clubs

This option usually offers a higher level of elegance, a well trained staff, and an experienced facilities coordinator. The reception rooms are usually elegant and there are spaces for ceremonies onsite. Additionally, guest convenience and ample parking are the norm. The drawbacks are that the club will be open to it's members during your wedding and a stray golf ball may come flying into you ceremony, and you and your guests will have to trudge home to sleep. This is good for someone looking for a more refined setting and daytime accommodations. Check out this adorable golf club wedding.

5. Resorts

Resorts are the perfect fit for those who want a less stress experience. With onsite coordinators, multiple ballrooms and ceremony sites, experience staff, and all the luxury one could want, this is a popular choice. Resorts usually offer high level cuisine, beautiful views, and ample space for cocktail hours, bridal preparations, honeymoon suites, parking, and more. From weddings of 10 to weddings in the hundreds, this is the most versatile, and all inclusive option. The drawbacks are found in the need to shop around for a good price, and the necessity of liking the resort's wedding coordinator. It's sometimes difficult to bring in your own wedding planner as there will be a conflict between she and the coordinator. Lucky for Maggie, Eydie at Skytop is a dream to work with. Resort weddings are a great option for any size guest list and any couple who wants the ease of everything in one place. Check out beautiful weddings at Maggie's choice, Skytop Lodge.

As we saw, Maggie opted for the convenience and stress free experience of Skytop Lodge so she and her guests can enjoy the day instead of worrying, and Karyn chose a golf club that has been graced by the famous. Each has their priorities.

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