Jason and I we're in the mood for some daytime drinking.

Jason and I we're in the mood for some daytime drinking. We asked our friend Kelly to come and join in on the fun. Although Kelly was up for the excursion, she wasn't so keen on the drinking because she had a little too much to drink the night before. We convinced Kelly to drink again because as the old expression goes, she just needed a little hair off the dog that bit her.

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Before I get to the part about French fries, let's just consider the phrase, a little hair off the dog that bit you. That makes no sense

In fact, I was so confused that I took some extra time to find out what this actually means. To find my answer, I turned to the Internet. We all know that if it is on the Internet it must be true! The phrase refers to a belief that if a dog bites you, all you have to do is rub the hair from the dog on the bite to heal the wound. Now that I understand the origin of the phrase, I am even less apt to use it. I understand the analogy of the bite and the hangover. I just don't understand who would have ever believed this dog hair expression. Now that you learned something new onto the fries.

We arrived at Ye Olde Falcon Pub in Davie, Florida. Anytime I go to a pub, I get excited because they usually have really good French fries (or chips). We ordered French fries and onion rings because I thought Kelly needed as much fat and carbs as possible to cure the hangover blues. Before the food arrived, our beer arrived. Kelly was in tip-top shape in 60 seconds flat. I guess a little hair off the dog that bit her was just what she needed. The French fries and onion rings we're just added bonuses. Beer saved the day. Hooray for beer.

I know that you are probably thinking, For the love of God, will you please get to the French fries. The answer to that is "Yes!"

The steak fries we're hot, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They we're salty and full of fried goodness. I am more of a fan of crispy fries, but steak fries can't really be crispy. The onion rings we're dripping in grease just like I like them. If you are ever in Davie, and you get a craving for French fries and beer go to Ye Olde Falcon.

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