From famous movie stars to suburban women the interest in what is...

From famous movie stars to suburban women the interest in what is currently categorised as vintage or antique rhinestone jewellery has always been strong.

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When you're thinking of starting up a collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry, you ought to be conscious of precisely just what to watch out for, what to avoid and the types of retro rhinestone jewelry that is popular and for that reason worth collecting.

Antique rhinestone jewellery is a good alternative to much more expensive gem stones for ultra contemporary women of all ages.

Do you realize that rhinestone is created from rock crystal? Lots of people incorrectly think of rhinestone as cheap colored glass however it is really a crystal that comes from the quartz rock family.

The majority of the settings for vintage rhinestone jewellery are made from metals that have gold or silver colored base metals. They are not set into gold, silver or platinum and because of this , they are placed into the costume jewellery classification.

Some of the best places to watch out for antique rhinestone jewellery are:

Flea Markets

Estate Sales

Thrift Shops

Garage sales or Yard sales

Needless to say, the biggest yard sale of all is eBay and you will discover vast amounts of rhinestone pins, rhinestone costume jewelry, rhinestone brooches, rhinestone necklaces, retro rhinestone jewellery, rhinestone costume jewelry, rhinestone jewelry sets, in fact, you name it and you will discover it on eBay.

Collectable brands of vintage rhinestone jewellery are, Kramer, Napier, Sarah Coventry and of course Trifari.

Vintage Trifari jewellery is a good choice for beginning enthusiasts because it is really well made and it is presently quite affordable.

You can expect to have to pay anything from about $30 to frequently more than $1,000 for good items of antique rhinestone jewellery. The purchase price will of course be driven by the quality, condition and the age of the item and If the jewellery carries a hallmark this will also tend to get to a higher price.

Many genuine retro rhinestone jewellery pieces possessed a symbol, or a hallmark stamped into them which usually identified the jewellery creator and on many occasions the date of creation. These hallmarks can often be found on the clasp of necklaces and bracelets, on the back of pins as well as brooches and oftentimes inside rings.

A common misbelief people have whenever buying antique rhinestone jewelry is that if the piece does not have some sort of hallmark then it's a counterfeit, but this really is not always the case, but on the other hand, hallmarks can be counterfeited and added to items to increase their valuation. The point is that a hallmark does not necessarily confirm the authenticity and you have to be quite sure of what you are buying or bidding for.

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