A Hair Miracle In a Bottle

Shiny, silky, beautiful hair we all want it and yes, we can all have it. I know, it sounds too good to be true but trust me what I'm about to share with you is going to change your hair in all the right ways! As a hairstylist my main goal is to make my clients' hair beautiful and healthy. I'm constantly experimenting with new products, but many have fallen short of my expectations, until I started using Kerastase fusio-dose treatments.

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I have personally witnessed what these treatments have done for my hair and also what they have done for my clients' hair. But enough of what I have to say, let's hear from the real expert on these amazing hair treatments, Ladda Phommavong, a Kerastase T.E.C.H. Artist, an amazing hairstylist, make-up artist, and one of my best friends.

As a Kerastase T.E.C.H Artist, I am always trying to educate my clients on how to maintain and nourish the hair. I think the first step in doing that is with the Kerastase instant fusio-dose treatments. Kerastase is not only a luxury hair care line, but they pride themselves on the innovative technology that goes into their products. I always like to explain these treatments as like getting a B-5 shot to your hair. These four treatments instantly revitalize your hair. It takes 5 minutes at the salon or you can purchase a Kerastase Homelab and do the treatments yourself in the comfort of your own home. So here's how it breaks down: Kerastase fusio-dose is a customized treatment that addresses your primary hair need, whether that be needing help with color protection, nourishment, reinforcement or density. You can also add up to two boosters that will help the color radiance, nutrition, strength and overall hair replenishment.

Each treatment has special technology. Concentre Oleo-fusion has Shorea and palm oils, cationic polymer to give nourishment, shine and anti-frizz.

Concentre Vita-Ciment contains Complexe Vita-Ciment to help strengthen and fortify from the inside out. The hair feels more substantial and supple.

Concentre Pixelist has a Fibrionic Systeme for lasting shine and brilliance to help seal in color from roots to ends.

Concentre Substantif contains Pro-calcium technology to provide the hair density and firmness to touch.

Ask your stylist to customize the treatment that will be most beneficial to your hair care needs. Once you try this little miracle in a bottle you will wonder why your stylist hasn't told you about it sooner. Whether you hair is lacking shine, density, strength, or moisture there is a customizable treatment for you.

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