Five Dollar Dinners: How to Make Spicy Bean Burritos

I love meatless dinners, but with a husband that equally loves meat, I must make meatless meals so filling that meat is not missed. Spicy Bean Burritos are very filling, so filling that I can not go to the gym afterwards because my stomach feels so full because I have eaten too much since it tasted so delicious. This dinner costs a whopping $2.51 to make for two adults.

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How to Make Spicy Bean Burritos:

Ingredient List:

- 5 tortillas ($0.99)

- 1 c rice ($0.22)

- 1 c pinto beans ($0.50)

- 1 c black beans ($0.48)

- 1/4 c salsa ($0.16)

- 2 tbsp butter ($0.16)

1. Cook 1 c dry pinto beans, 1 c dry black beans, and 4 c water in crockpot on high for 4 hours. You can ignore this step by using 1 can pinto beans and 1 can black beans.

2. Cook beans and 1/4 c salsa in pot on stove.

3. Cook 1 c white rice, 1.5 c water, and 2 tbsp butter in separate pot.

4. After beans and rice is cooked, take them off their burners. Keep one burner on low to heat each tortilla before filling.

5. Spoonful 1/4 c rice and 1/4 c beans in the middle of each tortilla.

6. Fold each tortilla into a square. This recipe makes 5 burritos.


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