That's an insane amount of organic produce

That's an insane amount of organic produce for two people, especially since the cost averages around $30 per week . We've been far more diligent this weekend, putting greens to use before they wilt. Salsa. Swiss chard & potato soup. Fried rice with bok choy. Salads.

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This is when my overly organizational mind comes in handy. While we prepare one meal for dinner, another is simmering on the back burner to be portioned out for lunch. Thank goodness something this week is giving us a feeling of accomplishment!

I've also learned some really great tactics for preserving food a bit longer. Try these before just dropping those greens in the crisper:

  1. Like fresh herbs, lettuces really appreciate having a bit of moisture. Wrap herbs in a damp paper towel before placing them in a storage bag & putting them in the fridge. With lettuce, try putting a quick seam & drawstring on a dish towel to form a little sack. Lightly dampen the towel, then fill it with washed, ready-to-eat lettuce & store in the crisper. I learned this trick form my (endlessly helpful) Grow Great Grub, but here's another online how-to.
  2. Save the greens from your root veggies! There are many times when I've just lopped the greens off of turnips, rinsed the roots & thrown them in the crisper. And then I wonder why they quickly get sponger Learn from my mistake. Cut of the greens, wash & store like your lettuces. Then, put the roots in a cool dry place (where you store your potatoes). Both will keep longer. Two for one!
  3. I apply this to radishes, too. Wash the green, prep the veggies for eating. I find that if everything is ready to eat, I'm more likely to reach in & grab peas or radishes to snack on than grab a spoon & attack the jar of peanut butter. (Okay, so that's mostly true.)
  4. All those wilted or stringy bits that get cut off go straight to the compost!

So, we're doing it. This week, we're making a simpler diet our focus & really dedicating ourselves to creating compost & good meals more than we create food waste. It feels great, as do I since I've begun cutting back on dairy. I can't say I'm vegan by any means, & I've let myself have a bit of dairy each day (no more than one serving). Can't wait to share more of this lifestyle change with you this week. A preview: Is honey vegan? What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? Does this mean I can never have any dairy?

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