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Beautiful, designer-inspired cable jewelry and other fashion jewelry.  The product on this site is gathered by regularly seeking out the best quality and most beautiful designer inspired and replica jewelry to add to our collection.  

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What is this jewelry made of anyway?

The base metal is lead free brass.  This is great as every piece has a nice heavy feel just like the authentic version.  Each piece is rhodium plated.  Here are some facts about rhodium:

It is the most expensive precious metal.

Rhodium costs about six times as much as gold by weight.

It is appealing due to its highly polished finish.

It is used as an alternative to silver.

Unlike silver, rhodium plated jewelry is maintenance free.

No polishing or cleaning is required.


Wear your jewelry as often as you like.

Keep it stored when not in use.



Do not wear in the shower.

Sprays and chemicals may cause discoloration.

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3 Ways to Quickly and Easily Clean your Cable Jewelry

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8 Things You Need to Know About Caring for Rhodium Plated Jewelry

There is nothing worse than opening up your jewelry box and seeing that some of your fashion jewelry has chipped because it was rubbing together. It means that now you’re going to have to pay extra money to have it recoated. This may not have happened if you’d stored your jewelry correctly. Rhodium coated jewelry is... Read More...

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