Getting Ready To Launch

I wouldn’t say it was nervousness that I felt when I decided to go all the way and build a permanent storefront on the web.  Being in business for years brings with it a comfort zone and a sense of certainty, knowing and anticipating the annual sales cycles and managing growth.

I mean I know that I provide an excellent, quality product and I know I provide my type of customer service that is tough to rival.  I put my all into what I do and take a bit of pride that I have grown over the years.  So it didn’t surprise me that I had gotten to this point now, in 2016, and the choice was made to leverage my Ebay success and build my own online store.  The time between considering this move and actually pulling the trigger was not instantaneous to be sure.  Months and looking at the company and the inevitable soul searching that comes with it to know, am I now ready to launch?

After working with my marketing team on the ideas for launching, we put a lot of thought into how we would brand ourselves and the results to date, I am pleased.  Product and presentation, meets service and reliability.  Elegance and style meet passion and quality.  So here we grow.  Looks-A-Lot-Alike is now launched to serve you better.  I welcome your feedback.  So take a look around and try our products.  You will see why we have developed many happy customers year over year.  Support our site and be proud of what’s happening here.  Your patronage enhances our ability and our passion to be the best.

I have attached a few images from our recent product shoot below.

[envira-gallery id=”2461″]

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