Designer Inspired Jewelry: Follow the Trends Without the Price Tag!

designer inspired jewelry

What’s in for 2019 when it comes to jewelry? Take a peek at the Oscars red carpet for what’s trending in elegance and a nod to what’s on the street. Big bright sophisticated bling — Lady Gaga’s $30 million Tiffany Diamond took the royal lead right in front of emeralds to the tune of 33K on Laura Harrier and diamonds at 360K on Charlize Theron. 

But Maya Rudolph’s Irene Neuwirth earrings of gorgeous mixed stones, including Akoya pearls, pink opal flowers, green and pink opals, sapphire hearts, and diamonds, gave a shout out to two big street trends in 2019: pearls and color. 

Yes, color is in this year and Neuwirth is the goddess of color, but her earrings can run upwards of $20,000!

Disparage not! Because we have you covered with designer inspired jewelry that hits the trends and makes your pocketbook sing with joy and extra funds for some fabulous footwear or a gorgeous new tote. 

Keep reading for top jewelry designer trends in 2019 and fabulous inspired jewelry we love that looks just as amazing and we all can afford.

A Simple String of Pearls 

You’ll always look elegant with a simple string of pearls. A classic that goes great paired with the bold, bright, and neon colors trending this year. 

Layer multiple strings of pearls, create a pearl-wrap bracelet or go with a simple choker as seen on the Dior runway. Pearl earrings in contemporary styles and classics are also in. Look for colored pearls too, like in the Neuwirth collection, and even Mother of Pearl and anything shell. But you know where to tell Dior and Neuwirth to go.

Lucky Charms

Charms are in this year. Think cute flowers, souvenirs from your travel abroad, lightning bolts, and ladybugs, to name a few. Wear them on a simple chain, also in, or make a charm bracelet. This timeless treasure you can keep forever, and you can start with a simple designer inspired chain as you collect your gorgeous pieces. 

Statements of Love and Statements in General

Statement pieces of all kinds are in when it comes to accessories this year, from giant super-sized totes to ultra-big-looking daddy sneakers to geometric-shaped heels and to, of course, big bold pendants and earrings. 

Also trending are 80s hearts, as in heart earrings, heart hoops, and heart pendants in bright colors. You know where to find the love and it’s not on the runway. But it could be and no one would know the difference!

Earrings In Bright Colors

Bright pink, neon orange, flash lime green storm the runway on frocks and sneaks this season, and they accessorize well too with bright earrings. Check out Irene Neuwirth’s Oscar escapades. And peek around at other popular jewelry designers going floral, enamel, and statement in color.

Then come back and find your favorites for less. Shh. We got your back and your earlobes!

Crystal Drop Earrings

The celeb designers may use diamonds but drops of crystals do the trick. Even your favorite Ocean-movie cat burglar may not be able to tell the difference. Think long square cut beauty. Refined and fun!

Also, wear tassel drops with colored crystal.

Layered Ear Piercing with Bright Diamonds

Fun things are happening here with staggered piercings up the lobe. Experiment with structure, shape, and spacing here. Then wear simple sparklies. No need for diamonds when you have simple crystal! Pair single stone studs with long danglers.

Mix and match, just stick with a theme, as in you can also go with a variety of flower earrings in each hole or stars and moons.

Coins on the Money

Coins hit the runways this year to sit gorgeously on your collar, wrist, or even around your waist on a chain belt. Oscar de la Renta and Paco Rabanne featured minted gold on the runways this year, and you can be fabulously right on the money with your 2019 look here.

Silver Glitz Nod to the Gilded Age

Looking at fall, silver chandeliers hit the Saint Laurent Runway and Tom Ford used the glitzy white metal on hoop earrings, also still going strong, just like in the 80s. 

Think silver reimagined in so many lovable inspired jewelry formats. Think glitzy earrings, simple Cinderella drops, as well as bold and ornate necklaces with an all-or-nothing see-me style.

And one thing we want you to see is the smashing little clover toggle bracelet that can elegantly glitz and gild right along with Miss Cinder and Saint Laurent.

Mismatched Whimsy

Mismatched earrings are in. This is a real coup when it comes to designer inspired jewelry. You can get two pairs for way less than the price of one. In fact, in some cases, you could probably get a thousand pairs for the price of one. 

So even if top designers make one mismatched pair. All you have to do is get creative. Our suggestion: pick a theme and go with it, just like with the multiple piercing earrings. If it’s a crystal pop you love, pick a long drop or dangle crystal in silver earring and pair it with a cute crystal clover stud. Or do the drops in gold with a clover-shaped mother of pearl earring with gold trim. 

Our Secret Stash of Designer Inspired Jewelry

It’s so satisfying when you get the same irresistible look and pay much less. And now that you know what to look for and where to find it, it’s time to go shopping for those fun and gorgeous accents to pair your fabulous floral frocks, sophisticated belt bags, and purple footwear are also trending big in 2019. 

You can start with one of our favorite sets or head over to look at the earrings and see what you come up with for the mix and match look this year.

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