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Designer inspired jewelry has come a very long way in terms of quality and selection. There was a time not that long ago when fashion jewelry was gum ball machine quality, and within the week of purchase some part of your body would have turned a sickly green. A very large portion of brand name jewelry designers are manufacturing their jewelry overseas. This is a true testament to how far the industry standard has come. This of course begs the question why would anyone now days spend thousands and thousands of dollars on designer jewelry when it is probably manufactured down the street from where the fashion jewelry is manufactured? You get a lot of quality for your money at Looks A Lot Alike. Don’t be shy and give us a try. You will not be disappointed!

The next huge change is in terms of investment. High end jewelry does not retain or increase in value like the days of old. In addition, insurance, safe deposit boxes, fear of travelling with your expensive pieces all add up to one big headache. Studies show that more and more wealthy people are purchasing costume jewelry over their more expensive counterpart. The above-mentioned are just a few reasons why. Check back here for other blogs and more beautiful designer inspired jewelry.

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